Canon C300's  x 2

Canon 5D MK3
2 x Panaconic GH4
2 x GoPro 3+

Fujinon 4.5 x 13 HD wide angle lens

Fujinon 18x7.6 HD zoom lens (with 2x doubler)

2 x Chroziel matte box

Miller 100mm HD Arrow tripods x 2
Miller 75mm tripod and head

Various Schnieder and Tiffen filters (4x5.6)


​Panasonic 26inch HD LCD

Panasonic 21inch HD LCD
TV Logic 5.6 LCD

Small HD DP6 LCD

Small HD DP4 LCD

Marshal 9inch HD LCD



1 x 1200W HMI

2 x 400W Jokers with Chimeras

2 x Nila Varsa LED with Chimera
2 x 400 Kino Divas
2 x 4ft 2 bank Kinos

2 x Area 48 LEDs
4 x 1x1 LEDs

4 x Roscoe litepads

​1 x Lightpanels ringlight

Westcott IceLight

Westcott Flexlight

​7 x c-stands

5 x  mathews  stands

4 x Mathews junior boom
12 x 12 frame with diffusion

12 x 12 green & blue screen

6 x 6 frame with diffusion

2 x 4ft reflectors
4 x flexi fill refletors

2 x flexi green/blue screens


3 x Mole 2K softlights​

4 x 150W Dedos​

2 x Arri 650W with Chimera

2 x Arri 300W with Chimera

2 x Arri 150W

3 x 300W Redheads
2 x Source 4's
1 x 1K Gem light (china ball)

1 x 35W Anton Bauer ultralite

Wally Dolly (portable dolly)

Kessler 5ft slider

RONIN stabilizer

RedRock One Man Crew

Seven Jib with flight case
Low legs

Honda 2kva generator
3m x 3m pop up tent

4 x magic arms

4 x suctions mounts
4 x cartalini clamps
Apple boxes


17inch Macbook with  AJA SDI inputs and outputs

RedByte up/down/cross convertor

MacPro: 2 x 2.8Quad core processor, 14gig ram.

2011 Chevrolet Express Van with shelving.

Battleship Island Japan - Sunday Night, Seven Network

James Cameron for a CBS story

Serena Altschul  speaks with Steve Coogan - CBS Sunday Morning

CBS Note to Self with Hugh Heffner

Seven Network 'Prayer Book' crew. Leigh Hubner, Kerry Stokes, Mel Tran, Steve Pennells, Dustin Eddo

Seven Network 'Ghost Island' crew - Leigh Hubner, Dickie Andrews, PJ Madam, Dustin Eddo, Michael Gakuran

CBS Note to Self with Hugh Heffner