Leigh Hubner ACS is an award winning Australian Director of Photography based in Los Angeles. For the past 16 years, Leigh has travelled throughout Australia, the US and the world capturing images for major television networks. From large scale WW1 battle scene reconstructions to table top macro work - Hollywood interviews to the tunnels of drug lord El Chapo, Leigh has captured it all. 

When is comes to aerials and drones, Leigh is well ahead of the curve. He has over 25 years experience with radio controlled aircraft and 20 years as a private pilot. This rare and unique blend of passions has allowed him to marry the talents of a skilled DP with the experience of a longtime drone operator delivering award winning results. In 2013 while off the coast of Japan, Leigh used a drone (in their infancy) to film a reporter talking to camera while standing on a fishing boat miles out to sea. This story won Leigh an ACS Judges Award. (VIEW REEL ABOVE)

Since 2008, Leigh has won 14 ACS Awards including two National Gold Tripods.

CBS 60 Minutes reporter Bill Whitaker  climbing into the secret escape tunnel of Mexican drug lord El Chapo.