Melisa Doyle, host of network breakfast show 'Sunrise' traveled to Kenya to see first hand the hard work World Vision are doing at the Dadaab refugee camp.

This story was shot and edited by Leigh and won him a GOLD ACS Award in 2011.

“When it came to travelling to Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya and the remote village of Chencha in southern Ethiopia, there was only one camera man that I considered for the job.  Leigh Hubner went above and beyond to not only ensure the most incredible aspects and images were captured from this region, but also looked after sound and editing of the stories.  When you’re travelling in a group of 3 (camera, producer and presenter) and working under difficult conditions and insane time constraints – you can only feel an immense sense of pride looking back on the final version of this work.  It wasn’t uncommon for us to find Leigh hiding in bushes, or clinging to the side of a mountain getting the best vantage point.  It’s because of that dedication, if I ever have to cover something like this again – Leigh Hubner will be the first person I book on the flight there.”



Melissa Doyle, host of network breakfast show 'Sunrise' has been sponsoring a young Ethiopian boy for 13yrs. In this story, Mel travelled to Ethiopia to meet young Elias and see how World Visions sponsor money was helping this young boy and his family. 

'Sunrise' weatherman Grant Denyer is known for always pushing the limits of live television and this job was no different. The aim, ride a motorbike from Cairns to Cape York then broadcast live from the very tip of Australia. Sounds easy? Try doing it in the wet season with flooded creeks overflowing in crocodiles! Shot and edited by Leigh. This project earnt Leigh a SILVER ACS Award in 2010.

'Sunrise' weatherman Grant Denyer loves a challenge and this trip proved just that! Drive a used Caddilac from Chicago to Santa Monica along Route 66. Leigh was responsible for the live elements along with shooting and editing the tape packages. Here are two great moments from the epic journey. First up, finding then buying a used car!

A highlight on the Route 66 journey was accidnetly bumping into two self confessed 'rednecks'! Their favourite past time... "puttin an AK47 bullet on to the end of an arrow n shootin it at a tree". You wouldn't believe it if you didn't see it!

Leigh shot and edited this package.

The center of Australia is one big place and there is no better way to see it than by air. This is a short package showing off the beauty of the undiscovered heart of Australia. Shot and edit by Leigh.

After completing the epic Route 66 journey, Australian Cinematographer magazine wrote a feature story on Leigh which also featured him on the front cover. If you'd like to read the full article, click the link below.

In April 2011, Leigh was asked to go to London to work with Monique Wright, of one Australia's most respected journalist / presenter for the Royal Wedding. Along with hard hitting serious stories, Monique is also a master at presenting incredibly quirky 'yarns' with fantastic charactors. The above story is with is with Margaret, possibly one of the worlds most obsessed Royal followers! Shot and edited by Leigh

This story is a particular favourite of Leighs. After shooting the above story on Margaret and her collection of 'Royal memorabilia', Leigh suggested Monique hit the streets of London to see what sort of junk could really be sold. After a quick whip around the hotel room there was enough Royal Crap  ready to be sold, everything from 'Royal Flush' toilet paper, 'Kate Middleton hair bands' and 'Royal Soap' complete with one of Monique's hairs!! Full of Australianisms, this was absolutely a fun story to shoot. Shot and edited by Leigh.

With the Royal wedding now only days away, presenter Monique Wright was desperate to get a ticket to the big show. Perhaps if she was to hit the streets with a resume on why she should go, maybe your everyday London'ers would sign her petition and send her to the wedding. What she discovered was a little bit of confusion and a lot of musical talent! Shot and edited by Leigh.

6yr old Jack Woog was born deaf but with the help of two hearing aids, Jack is able to not only communicate with his friends and family but dance like theres no tomorrow! This feature story won Leigh a SILVER ACS Award in 2011. Shot and edited by Leigh.

Leigh has completed many varied jobs with presenter Mark Beretta including the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, driving a Peugeot sports car 2000km across the country and multiple live locations across Australia. 

Network presenter Edwina Bartholomew requested Leigh take to the high sea's onboard the Queen Mary 2. The epic ocean liner travelled from Adelaide to Sydney over the Valentines Day weekend which allowed Edwina and Leigh to step back to the romantic era of ocean cruising. Leigh shot and edited this story. (Aerial vision supplied by QM2)

For the last 3 years, Seven Network presenter Mark Beretta takes part in a charity bike ride to raise money for cancer. The Tour de Cure spans 1400km over 10 days and is broadcast nationally on breakfast show Sunrise. Along with the live crosses, in 2011 Leigh was given the task of also shooting a documentary on the Tour. This is no simple task as the riders are covering such big distances each day, there is no chance for a 'take two' so it's all about getting it right first time. It's challenges like this that Leigh thrives on. This one hour special aired nationally on Seven and Leigh recieved a GOLD ACS Award for his work. Above is segment 4 from the 1 hour special.

2017 REEL: 

Seven Network - Sunday Night: Ghost Island

A once thriving island off the coast of Nagasaki Japan is reduced to a deserted ghost island. Reporter PJ Madam take a glimpse at this unique island and its history.


Winner ACS Golden Tripod 2015

ACS Gold News Magazine 2014 QLD

ACS Judges Award 2014 QLD



Prod: Richard Andrews

Reporter: PJ Madam

Camera: Leigh Hubner ACS

Sound: Dustin Eddo

Seven Network - Sunday Night: Snake Preachers

They call it religion, it's been branded a cult. The dangerous act of handling snakes in the name of god. Reporter PJ Madam gets up and close and personal with one of the deadlist religions in the world.


Prod: Ali Russell

Reporter: PJ Madam

Camera: Leigh Hubner ACS

Sound: Dustin Eddo

Seven Network - Sunday Night: Oklahoma Tornado

Moore, Oklahoma - a tornado is detected and heading right for a densly populated area. Despite the obvious risks, local TV helicopter pilot / reporter tracks and reports on the storms path. 


ACS Gold News Magazine 2013 QLD



Prod: Mick O'Donnell

Reporter: Ross Coulthart

Camera: Leigh Hubner ACS

Sounds: Dustin Eddo

Seven Network - Sunday Night: Prayer Book

A 500 year old manuscript, hidden away for the majority of those years is purchased by a mystery bidder. Reporter Steve Pennells tracks the books history and reveals its new future.

ACS Gold 2014 QLD

Prod: Richard Andrews
Reporter: Steve Pennells
Camera: Leigh Hubner ACS
Sound: Dustin Eddo